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Czech Dating strives to provide the highest quality service for its clients, including the variety of facilities for establishing personal contact with a prospective partner: for online ladies' and gentlemen's catalogs; personal ads in media and press; Czech dating updates its databases on the weekly basis and strives to provide the most comprehensive and up to date information. We encourage our clients to give us feedback on their satisfaction with our service, and will seek to provide improvements in accordance with your requirements and suggestions.

This Legal Disclaimer explains Czech Dating liability to the clients in a case of potential damages in connection with the use of Czech Datings services, information or the site itself, the rights of Czech Dating and client's rights in using our services. The content available through the website  is the sole property of Czech Dating and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Except as otherwise agreed in writing, Czech Dating owned content may not be downloaded, displayed, reformatted and printed for any usage. You agree not to reproduce, retransmit, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate, or in any way disclose or use for circulation, the information received through the Site to anyone without Czech Datings prior written consent.

Czech Dating may choose to change the terms, conditions and operation of the Site at anytime. By using this service the user waives any rights or claims it may have against Czech Dating and agrees to comply with Czech Dating Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement. Czech Dating shall not be liable for any incorrect information supplied by its members, either it was done purposefully or otherwise. Czech Dating shall not be liable if any of its informations is outdated due to negligance of its members to inform Czech Dating about changes in their information.

Czech Dating, its partners and affilites shall not be liable to you or anybody else for any mistakes, misprints or misspellings that may occur in its databases or listings.
By using this site you agree to hold Czech Dating harmless of any claims for possible loss or damage to you or anybody else that may arise in connection with your use of Czech Dating website.

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