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Prague Information

Prague hotels

We are able to recommend the following hotels for you to enjoy when you visit Prague. Our recommendations are based on our knowledge of levels of service, comfort, pricing, cuisine, location.

Prague pubs and bars

Take some time to visit some of the historic pubs that have been serving Czech beers for centuries. We give you some insight into Czech brewing and list a few notable pubs for enjoying some local beers.

Prague dining

Dining alternatives are numerous as restaurants from every country are evident in the city centre.. there is something for everyone and we take a look at some of the favourites.

Prague clubs

The city has arguably the best clubbing options for revellers in Europe.. we provide a breakdown of some of the more popular places that both Czechs and international party goers enjoy all week long!

Prague travel

For travel to Prague from European cities it is advisable to take one of the low fare carriers. Here you will find a selection of cities that offer lower fares for flying into Prague Ruzyne airport.

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